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*Exclusive Behind The Beauty*: Web Watch Net Chick- Ayisha Diaz A Real BMW (Black Man’s Wish)
Last Updated on Thursday, 26 May 2011 03:21
Written by admin
Thursday, 26 May 2011 01:13

It’s been a minute since I talked to one of our Web Watch Honeys but this conversation made up for all the time I’ve been missing. Ayisha Diaz is becoming a hot commodity on the video circuit and in your favorite men’s magazine. Well hit the jump and see how one pretty girl rock and what dude she will get downright “freaky” for!!!

MSP: Tell everyone where you from and what’s your mixture or blend? (your

Ayisha: I’m from Omaha Nebraska and I’m proud to say I’m Dominican :D

MSP: What are some of the magazines and videos that you have graced with
your presence?

Ayisha: I’ve been lead in over 12 videos like Lloyd Bank’s Beamer, Benz and Bentleys ,Wu
Tang, Soulja Boy, Chris Brown feat Lil WQayne ‘I Can Transform Ya’.
I’ve been published in Black Men’s magazine, Hype Hair magazine and a few
more to come :D

MSP: What MP3s are you listening to in your Ipod today?

Ayisha: Its weird cause I be around music all day but I’m not into music, I
don’t follow the flow.. lol I’m more of a chill person so when I do listen
to music I’ll go for Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Eryka Badu , Trey Songz, Tank…. All
R&B for me….

MSP: Whose your favorite rapper?

Ayisha: I don’t have one so far…

MSP: Are you single?

Ayisha: Not at all, ain’t nobody single these days!!

MSP: Whose your fantasy lover? Do Tell!

Ayisha: Lol!!!! Londen Fryar (google him) :D He’s mines but I just can’t get enough of him!!! He
makes me want to try some “freaky” sh*t!!! :D

S/N: I need water..akaline water.

MSP: Where do you see your career and your brand in 5 years?

Ayisha: In 5 years I will be in your favorite movie and in less then a year
all you gonna see is Ayisha Diaz everywhere!!!!

MSP: Give me your definition of a model vs an urban model?

Ayisha Urban models or “Vixens” are curvy and do more sassy gigs!
Main stream commercial models are usually more slender and covered up.

MSP: Do you think urban modeling has a future in entertainment?

Ayisha: It would if every one stop being cheap and take this game serious!!! It
seems like nowadays having a big butt makes you a video model!!! o_0 What
happen to being beautiful? Thats why most artist’s videos look cheap and
rushed. They rather have a quantity of big booties than quality.

MSP: How can your fans or followers keep up with you?

Ayisha: On Twitter @Ayishadiaz and check out my website

www.ayishadiaz.com :)

Thanks a lot bae and keep doing your thang!!! And Londen, you’re one fortunate dude!!! She’s Summertime Fine!

Marvin Shadi Powers is a writer for Hip Hop Weekly magazine as well as a blogger/writer for HipHopWeekly.com. He is also the CEO and founder of DirtySouthHipHop.com….Behind the Booty will continue!

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  1. Comments357big dog   |  Thursday, 26 May 2011 at 4:02 pm

    i say good googa mooga that is azz booty licious.

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