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Gucci Mane Speaks On New Music, Relationship With Nicki Minaj
Last Updated on Tuesday, 6 November 2012 04:17
Written by J Bachelor
Friday, 2 November 2012 05:36

For rap fans familiar with the Atlanta music scene, it’s hard to avoid the sounds of Gucci Mane, who is fast becoming one of the game’s most outspoken artists.

In late October, Gucci used Twitter to exchange words with fellow Atlanta artist Yung Joc, and later took to radio to speak out against French Montana and Nicki Minaj, accusing the pair of “not keeping it real,” while also slamming rapper Yo Gotti , alleging Gotti scheduled the release date of his latest project to coincide with Gucci’s Trap God mixtape.

Hip Hop Weekly recently spoke with the embattled rapper, who was more than willing to discuss music, motivation and loyalty in the game.

HHW: When can fans expect the next batch of music from you?
GUCCI: I’m probably gonna drop another mixtape sometime in November with my artist Young Scooter. I generally don’t like to sign nobody or do business with nobody if I don’t like the character of that person. As much as it’s about their music and as much as it’s about how they handle their business and how much substance they have, that’s what it come to with me and signing artists. Scooter reminds me of myself as far as being real ambitious. He can make somethin’ out of nothin’.

HHW: Any new music on the way from Waka?
GUCCI: You know he just dropped Triple F Life, and he tourin’ off that and he’s havin’ a real successful tour. I think he was just in Vancouver … he’s somewhere different everyday. I never been on tour before, but Waka been on two and now he doin’ his own tour. So I always tell him how proud I am of him for stayin’ on his hustle. He had dropped Salute Me or Shoot Me 4 right after he dropped his album. That was a mixtape he just gave away to his core fans, he went out and did the music that they love him for. You’ll probably see me and him drop something together sometime this spring.

HHW: There has been a lot of coverage in the media about your recent comments concerning fellow rappers, namely Jeezy. Based on that history, is there ever a concern that things can become violent?
GUCCI: That already happened. I just feel like I can’t do nothin’ but live in the world, I mean what can I do? That’s like tellin’ two tigers not to fight. It’s impossible. It just comes with bein’ a tiger.

HHW: I saw a video clip today where you accused Nicki Minaj and French Montana of “not being real.” You’ve worked with Minaj in the past, is that a relationship that is now severed?
GUCCI: I wouldn’t call it severed. Ain’t no bad blood on my end, but I definitely feel like she didn’t do something real after all the things I did for her. I broke her records. I just feel like there were so many ways she coulda extended her hand back, but she chose not to. I’m not mad at her, but sh– she didn’t keep it real. And that’s true.

HHW: Is there ever a concern on your end that statements against guys like French and Gotti can ruin working relationships?
GUCCI: The thing is, I know it’ll probably affect it some kinda way, but I’m not sure what the outcome will be or what our relationship will be. But me, I’m the kinda person where I only speak my mind about people I come in contact with and people I have direct relations with. So if I don’t know your character I don’t got no opinion of you, period. But if I do know your character and I voice my opinion, which is all it is, I’m just statin’ what it is.

HHW: Do you feel like music fans put too much emphasis on your opinions of other rappers?
GUCCI: I feel like some people opinion count.

HHW: Are there going to be more headlines with you going at another rapper soon?
GUCCI: I ain’t really … to me, it ain’t really like I’m talkin’ about nobody. I work in a industry where I’m forced to be in contact with these people. What the public don’t see is, most of these celebrities and people in the industry don’t have no substance at all. Most of the time I lose my respect for them once I meet ‘em and start dealin’ with ‘em. I feel like this: In the music industry there’s very few real people. When I say “real,” I mean like, people that really understand loyalty and respect and honor and got morals. Most people just don’t give a d-mn. It’s all about a dollar.

Keep an eye out for the full interview in the next issue of HHW on newsstands November 6!! 


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