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HHW Invades the “Jack’n For Beats: We Got Bars” Tour Part 2 of 3 — Doughbeezy
Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 12:11
Written by HHW Staff
Tuesday, 22 October 2013 07:08

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, one of the fastest growing brands in the spirits industry, is celebrating the second year of their popular tour….


The one-of-a-kind mobile studio will spend eight weeks in Houston in search of the country’s top unsigned hip hop talent. The event kicked off last week at Takeover Studios and some of the city’s best and brightest MC’s were on hand, mixing with the crowd and dropping dope bars. HHW caught up with a few of the city’s artists to get their take on the event and also get insight on the local grind. In this installment we chop it up with Doughbeezy, who has built a name for himself as a premier spitter among Houston’s underground artists.

HHW: You have managed to build a nice buzz for yourself in about a year and half, congrats on that. How were you able to create that sort of momentum in such a short amount of time?
DOUGHBEEZY: I think that part really came from the work I’ve done outside the city. I felt like it was really important to lay a foundation here first because alot of people go outside the city to lay their foundation and when the people outside the city are done with ‘em, they don’t have nothing to come back to. I laid that foundation here then went to cities like Austin and San Antonio. That’s when the following came.
HHW: How long would you say it took to develop your initial fanbase?
DOUGHBEEZY: It probably was about eight months to a year.
HHW: You’ve got the following, the music and the merchandise. As the year comes to a close, what’s lies ahead for you?
DOUGHBEEZY: The next project is called Footprints on the Moon and long story short, the term came from a country singer who said, “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there’s footprints on the moon.” Let’s say you grow up wanting to be a rapper on MTV or do songs with Bun B, Slim Thug or things like that. It seems so farfetched because there’s so many rappers, but your parents’ll tell you, “Just go ahead and try — sky’s the limit.” I feel like we’ve accomplished those things in a short amount of time, so there is no limit. We’re going beyond that. Like you said, we got the clothes, we got the merchandise but now it’s about what’s after all that. So 2014, I think my word for that year is gonna be “progression.”

HHW: Where does the confidence and stage presence come from?
DOUGHBEEZY: I really don’t know, it’s just from the inside. I love to perform. It’s not for the money or fame — I genuinely love it, so I think that’s why it comes so easy. When the light’s on, it’s showtime.
HHW: Last question, the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey — straight shots or you mixing it up?
DOUGHBEEZY: We mix it with the lemonade. I’m not a hard drinker, but when I do, I like Crown and I like Jack.


Twitter @Doughbeezy

- by J. Bachelor

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